Why Lodge With Us?

Our Mission:

Work tirelessly to make the Alaska Adventure of all of our guests personalized, unique and special.

Most Visitors to Alaska Travel the Road System...

...and view and experience amazing things along the way.  They make wonderful memories of this last frontier.  But when you visit our Iditarod Trailside wilderness retreat you will have an experience that the vast majority of people will never know.  We are located totally off the grid and 38 miles from the nearest road.  You can only get here by Bush plane or boat in the Summer or Bush plane or snowmobile in the winter.  We have breathtaking views of Mt Denali, Wildlife, Northern Lights, Dog Sled Mushers, and much more.  We are located right on the world famous Iditarod Dogsled Race Trail. We also have some of the best salmon fishing in Alaska. To be able to partake in an adventure like ours is hard to put into words.  Let us just say that the best words to describe your getaway with us will be your own words you will use in your journals and the stories you will tell your friends and families.

Here are some photos of the experiences and sights that many of our guests have witnessed: